Make new friends or have fun with your crew at these inclusive and fun events

Compete against your friends and the rest of the community in three skill-based divisions over a 6 week league by tracking your climbs using the VENGA CLIMBING APP! Have fun and enjoy the benefits of 6 weeks of solid motivation that will drive you to climb more with your community.

The Providence Community Bouldering Competition is open to climbers of all ages and abilities!

Scoring will be open for each section for 1 week following the reset.

Scores will be tracked cumulatively through the course of this 6 week league. Winners will be announced for each set, but prizes will only being going to the top 3 in each division at the end of the 6 week competition.

Along with the prestige of being top dog in your division across the Rock Spot Climbing community, prizes will range from RSC gift cards to a stay at the Barn Door Hostel, located in Rumney Village, NH right outside of the Rumney Rocks sport crag & Blackjack Boulders.